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Images and info will be updated soon (lots of changes). Ignore the ugly wallpaper. (this rig and my gear changes so-often and this page isn't completely up to date)

Amps, rack, effects, guitars rig:

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My Current Gear List: Click on the images on the left to view larger versions.
Note: I've updated the setup and added more gear, sold a few things and painted that ugly-ass multi-colored guitar.

1977 Marshall JMP MKII 50 watt lead series head, with Langner mod.
1977 Marshall JMP MKII 2x12 50 watt combo (all original, no mods) (sold)
1979 Marshall JMP MK2 100 watt lead series, dual channel amp head. Todd Langner modified. (sold)
1983 Marshall JCM 800 25th anniversary 100 watt amp head, modded by Todd Langner. (sold)
1976 Marshall JMP MK2 100 watt lead series head, modded by Lee Jackson. (sold).
1976 (or 1978?) Marshall 1960 lead 4x12 cab. with original 25 watt Celestion Greenback's.
1980's Marshall JCM 800 4x12 cab.
2000's Marshall 4x12 small/studio cab. (for sale)
Three 1990's Langner 4x12 guitar cabinets.
Four Scumback speakers (two H75-8 & two H75-8HP-LHDC - 30 watts ea.) These reside in one of the Langner 4x12 cabs.
OSP 22 space rack case (for sale, inquire if interested).
Two Furman AR-15 Series II power conditioner/voltage regulator.
Mid Atlantic rack shelf w/ mounting holes for 1/2 and 1/4 space rack units.
iSP Decimator ProRackG Noise Gate Reduction Supressor w/ Stereo mod.
Dunlop Rackmount Wah (model DCR-1SR) unit w/ remote foot controller. (might be selling this, inquire if interested!)
GCX Guitar Audio Switcher by Voodoo Lab.
GCX Ground Control Pro midi programmable footpedal by Voodoo Lab.
Three Langner TEQ-1 tube preamp/compressor/EQs (one 1U and two 2U racks -- point to point (1U) and PCB versions (2U's)) (sold).
Two Langner DCP-1 Creator preamps. (sold)
Langner DCP-1 Elite preamp. (sold)
Two Langner BTP-1 Brutus mono bloc power amps. (different in many ways) (sold)
1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom Twentieth Anniversary model (ebony fretboard, ivory/white w/ black pinstripes w/ original Gibson P.A.F. T-Top humbuckers). (sold)
1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom 20th Anniversary (2-tone = Ivory white w/ black pinstripes top and black sides/back w/ Seymour Duncan SH-2N Jazz humbucker in neck and Seymour Duncan FS1BJ "Full Shred" humbucker in bridge position). (sold)
2003-5 Wayne Guitars (Wayne & Micheal Charvel) Monster w/ Floyd Rose. Rosewood fretboard. (Seymour Duncan TB-4 JB humbucker in bridge position, Seymour Duncan AlNiCo II humbucker in neck position).
2005/6 Wayne Exotic Rock Legend w/ Floyd Rose. Rosewood fretboard, Seymour Duncan JB humbucker (bridge) / Seymour Duncan AlNiCo (neck).
2004 Wayne Rock Legend strat w/ Floyd Rose & maple fretboard (Seymour Duncan JB-4 Humbucker (bridge) / Seymour Duncan SH-2N Jazz humbucker (neck) (sold).
1988 Jackson/Charvel 3DR w/ Seymour Duncan JB-4 Trembucker (bridge) and Seymour Duncan J.B. Jr. (neck).
90's Fender Jazz bass w/ DiMarzio DP123 Model J Bass Pickup set.
90's Takamine nylon string acoustic guitar. (Will sell when I get a good nylon to replace it with)
90's Ovation Celebrity steel string acoustic guitar. (Will sell when I get a good one to replace it with)
AKG 414 B/ULS mic.
R0DE K2 tube mic w/ power supply.
Two Shure SM-57 mics.
T.C. Electronic Stereo Chorus+ Pitch Flange pedal.
T.C. Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay Pedal.
T.C. Electronic NR-1 Nova Reverb Pedal.
Korg DT-10BK digital tuner pedal.
Korg ToneWorks Ampworks guitar modeler.
Korg ToneWorks Ampworks bass modeler.
Radial Tonebone Headbone VT (Value-tube head/amp switcher).
TLM Electronics EVH-1 rack unit (early powersoak type of unit, w/ ohm, in/out jacks, mute, and headphone option).
Digital Piano (88 semi-weighted 3-action keys -- plays like and sounds just like a grand piano!)
Various Mic stands w/ booms (ProLine, AXman, Ultra, etc.)
Various pop filters (Music Accessories Pop Filter Split Screen, Nady metal pop filter).
Some random metronome.
S.I.T. SI046 Light Guitar Strings.
D'Addario EXL110 Guitar Strings.
Clayton Eagle picks .80mm
RotoSound RS 66LD Bass guitar strings.
D'Addario Classic Nylon guitar strings J27.
Neutrik Mogami Gold instrument cables, patch cables and XLR mic cables.
George L instrument cables.
GHS Phosphor Bronze acoustic strings L 12-54 S325.
SED SVEL34 (Svetlana) power tubes (made in Russia).
Pro/Comm Sovtek 12AX7LPS preamp tubes.
Sovtek 12AX7WC preamp tubes.
JJ KT77 power tubes.
Audio Classic tubes.
Electro-Harmonix power and preamp tubes.
Groove Tubes Hardness 5 Duet Groove Tube GT-EL34-C Tubes & Groove Tube Gold Series GT-12AX7-C Preamp Tubes.
Other misc. power and preamp tubes (some NOS, some newer, various brands/types).
Lots of power, output and choke transformers (vintage, NOS, new brands/models) for amp projects.
Too much other junk to list here. See recording rig, drum rig and amp building tools listed as well.
Violin (don't recall brand, but a decent one.)
Recently Sold items: ADA MP-1 preamp modded by Todd Langner. Bogner Ecstasy 101B amp head, T.C. Electronic G-Major multi-fx processor w/ midi foot pedal, Lexicon MPX-1 multi-effects processor, Mesa Boogie Midi Matrix looper, Mesa Boogie 2:95 stereo power amp, Toft ATC-2 dual channel mic preamp/compressor/eq, Korg D16XD digital 16 track recorder w/ expansion boards for 16 simul tracks, Roland VS-2480CD 24 track (when I had two), Bradshaw Switching System (RSB18-F pedal board and RSB-18R rackmount control unit), VHT Pitbull amp head, Roccaforte HG-100 Custom head, Fender Strat, 2000's Splawn Quick Rod 100 watt amp head, TubeWorks RealTube Combo amp, Sound Clinic Climax S3 3 channel tube preamp, MXR M117R Flanger Pedal, BOSS NS-2 Noise Suppressor pedal, PreSonus BlueTUBE Two-Channel Tube Mic Preamp, Morley Wah/Volume pedal, and other misc. gear (way too much to list).

Digital Recording rig:

Roland VS-2480CD 24-Track Digital Studio Workstation. 24-track/24-bit/96kHz digital recording with 64-channel automated mixing, built-in effects processing, and onboard CD burning. 120 gig drive, 384 Virtual-Tracks, XLR/16 balanced TRS inputs, 8 stereo effects (16 mono), w/ three VS8F-2 effects cards and 1 VS8F-3 card -- 56-bit processing and up to 96kHz sampling rate, with Universal Audio VS-1176LN and VS-LA2A plugins, Roland Stereo Reverb, Tempo Mapping Effect, Pre-Amp Modeling, Mastering Tool Kit, Vocal Channel Strip (Compressor/Expander, Enhancer/De-esser, EQ, Pitch-Shifter, Chorus and Delay) with poplar plugin preamps, compressors and eq's). MAG LCD monitor, keyboard mouse (for Roland VS-2480CD workstation).
Mackie HR-824 powered studio monitors (USA made models).
8-space studio rack.
T.C. Electronic M2000 studio effects processor.
T.C. Electronic Reverb 4000 studio reverb effects processor. (sold)
Furman PL-8 power conditioner.
Drawmer 1960 tube dual channel mic preamp and compressor.
Langner TEQ-1 tube compressor/Tube EQ w/ TRS/XLR input/outputs. (sold)
BOSS Dr. Rhythm DR-3 drum machine.
AKG 414 B/ULS mic.
R0DE K2 tube mic w/ power supply.
Two Shure SM-57 mics.
Shure SM-58 mic.
Various mic stands w/ boom arms. Various POP filters.
Audio-Technica ATH-A500 Art Monitoring headphones.
Ultrasone Closed Back PROline 750 Circumaural Headphones.
Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Open Studio Headphones.
Sony Headphones.
Lots of mic and instrument and patch cables (Neutrik Mogami Gold, George L's, etc.) See other rig images and descriptions for other studio related gear I have and use for recording.

Electronic Drum set rig:

Roland V-Drums, VS6 model TD-6V. I sold my Tama Rockstar acoustic set, because I can play this any time, with headphones or running direct and no need to mic it. Nice and quiet, and it sounds good. Hi-hat, hi-hat pedal, bass drum/pedal, 3 cymbals (each having more than two effects based on where you hit them and how hard), snare, two tom-toms, 1 floor tom and a throne. Some Vic Firth 5B and AHEAD nylon Rock 16.25 ST sticks and it's everything you need, literally. With dual/triple or more triggers on all cymbals, drums, hi-hat, snare, etc., this actually plays and sounds like a real drum set (I was surprised). While it feels different to play, it's not awkward and reacts like a real drum set would in a lot of ways (right down to rim shots). My drummer has a nice double bass Tama set w/ Sabian and Paiste cymbals if we want to play live or record with it, so this is nice to have. I could see wanting to check out the top of the line V-tour set, which is the size and feel of a pro acoustic set (more than this setup is and allows for more drums and cymbals).

Tube amp building station:

I use Hakko 936 and American Hakko FX951-66 temperature controlled soldering stations, also various soldering other soldering stations and normal soldering irons. I use Kester solder, a Variac autotransformer, B&K audio signal generator (sin/square wave), Instek GOS-620 20 MHz Oscilloscope, Tektronix 5440 oscilloscope 4 trace 50 uV differential. 1 MHz bandwidth. Includes 5440 readout mainframe, two 5A26 dual differential vertical plug-ins and a 5B10N time base plug-in. Craftsman digital multimeter, Velleman HPS5 hand-held digital oscilloscope, solder sucker, and a home made dummy load and recently a custom built Weber Tru-Load (to engage or disenage the motor to emulate speaker load reaction or bypass for the purposes of (still safe) clean biasing). Decent light and work bench & misc. other stuff (cords, soldering tools, etc.) and about 65 electronics, tube, tube amp design theory type books (most are vintage from the 40's and 50's). That's it.

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